aQuaTox-Solutions and Eawag at the World Economic Forum in Davos

aQuaTox-Solutions and Eawag were invited to present their alternative fish cell line assays in front of a delegation of Swiss politics, business and administration at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Thanks for the great interest from all guests! It was a very special day for us!

Eawag: »Eawag spin-off Aquatox Solutions at WEF 2020«


aQuaTox-Solutions founders win 3RCC Award of the Swiss3R Competence Centre

Melanie Fischer and Kristin Schirmer received the award for their “outstanding research project”, entitled “A fish cell line assay to predict the acute toxicity of chemicals and water samples to fish”. With this award, the Swiss3RCC recognizes their efforts in establishing the RTgill-W1 cell line assay from the first design to an internationally accepted standard (ISO 21115).

We are very proud and honoured to be the recipients of this award.

3RCC Award
Eawag: »Researchers awarded prize for promotion of alternatives to animal experiments«

RTgill-W1 cell line assay internationally certified by ISO – “ISO Standard 21115”

In April of this year, the RTgill-W1 cell line assay for predicting acute fish toxicity received the quality label of the International Standardization Organization, ISO, with the following reference: ISO Standard 21115: Water quality — Determination of acute toxicity of water samples and chemicals to a fish gill cell line (RTgill-W1).

The final step toward approval was the publication of the round-robin study, led by two of the co-founders of aQuaTox-Solutions, in Toxicological Sciences: https://doi.org/10.1093/toxsci/kfz057.

The approval received wide positive resonance:

– NZZ am Sonntag: »Tierversuche: Neues Verfahren bewahrt Fische vor dem Tod«
– Aargauer Zeitung: »Giftigkeit von Chemie muss an Fischen getestet werden«
– SRF1 Wissenschaftsmagazin
– Eawag: »Alternative to animal experiments: Fish cell test internationally certified«

– Fischer M, Belanger SE, Berckmans P, Bernhard MJ, Bláha L, Coman Schmid DE, Dyer SD, Haupt T, Hermens JLM, Hultman MT, Laue H, Lillicrap A, Minaříková M, Natsch A, Novák J, Sinnige TL, Tollefsen KE, von Niederhäusern V, Witters H, Županič A, Schirmer K. (2019). Repeatability and reproducibility of the RTgill-W1 cell line assay for predicting fish acute toxicity. Toxicological Sciences 169(2), 353–364.


New Eawag Spin-Off

Eawag: »Eawag spin-off focuses on tests without animal experiments«