Stephan Fischer

Division Head Fish Feed & Health

Phone: +41 (0)71 571 09 72


aQuaTox-Solutions set out to revolutionize how fish health and nutritional products can be assessed and improved without using live fish.

We offer various in vitro tests with fish cells to investigate Fish Feed & Health. For covering a broad range of effects, we are using different rainbow trout cell lines, such as from intestine (RTgutGC), skin (RTHDF), liver (RTL-W1) and gill (RTgill-W1).

The RTgutGC cell line – Ideal alternative model to animal testing in aquaculture

The fish intestine comprises an important environment-organism interface that is essential for nutrient uptake, growth, health and pathogen defense. Using the RTgutGC cell line as 3D culture in a two compartment system, we can assess effects of various variables on the fish intestine.

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