Customized tests

Based on our expertise and know-how in assay development we are able to customize any of our offered in vitro tests according to our clients needs. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and needs. Furthermore we have a repertoire of cell lines reflecting many different organs of fish, which we can establish for testing.




After an exciting and very intense proof-of-concept Phase 1, we have been awarded Phase 2 of the CRACK IT Challenge SAFE: Innovative Safety Assessment of Fish adverse Effects. Together with the groups of Kristin Schirmer at Eawag and Anze Zupanic at NIB, we will develop scalable cell-based tests in combination with computer models in such a way that statements allow users to ascertain the effects of chemicals on fish without animal testing. We are focusing on chemicals that hinder fish reproduction. In phase 1 of this project, we developed a novel, multi-step computational pipeline which allows us to identify molecular processes that can predict whether the reproduction of fish is impaired by the chemical. We are now looking to detect these processes in fish cell lines and to use these data to develop computer-based prediction models for fish. We are excited to create new knowledge and develop novel services and products that we will make widely available to ensure maximum benefit in replacing animal testing.


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